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Why are TransMins2 Iron 27+ tablets better than liquid iron?

Liquid iron can stain teeth. Since our tablets dissolve gently in your stomach, TransMins 2 Iron 27+ will not harm your "pearly whites" and will not leave a metallic taste in your mouth.* And, TransMins 2 Iron 27+ is much more affordable than liquid iron which is typically 16 times more expensive per milligram than TransMins 2 Iron 27+.

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What can I take for brittle nails?

Virtually every nutritional deficiency can affect your nails' growth. For brittle nail syndrome, one of the most effective vitamins is biotin. Try our multivitamin, Multiple Forty+, which has 40 mcg of biotin in each capsule.*

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What is the iron source for TransMins2 Iron 27+?

The source of iron for TransMins 2 Iron 27+ is ferrous sulfate. Approximately, 83 milligrams of ferrous sulfate is reacted with amino acids in each TransMins 2 Iron 27+ tablet.

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My doctor recommended that I take 325 milligrams (mg) of iron daily. How many tablets of Iron 27+ should I take to get 325 mg?

Your doctor probably meant 325 mg of ferrous sulfate, ferrous fumerate or ferrous gluconate – common iron supplement preparations. Each TransMins 2 Iron 27+ tablet starts with 83 mg of ferrous sulfate, of which 27 mg is elemental iron. To get your doctor’s recommended dosage, you would need to take 4 tablets daily. Since TransMins2 Iron 27+ is more bioavailable than other iron supplements, you do not need to take 325 mg daily. But if you, or your doctor, still thinks that a large dose is critical to overcoming your anemia, take up to four Iron 27+ tablets daily for 1 to 4 weeks, then cut back to only one tablet daily to ensure that you do not overload on iron.

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What inhibits iron absorption?

Tannins and phytates inhibit iron absorption.  Walnuts, almonds, sesame, dried beans, lentils and peas, and cereals and whole grains contain phytates. Phytates prevent iron's absorption into  Unripe fruits, grapes, and teas contain tannins.  If you consume any of these foods, then take iron several hours before or after their consumption to increase iron bioavailability.

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What competes with iron absorption?

According to Dr. Maureen Okum of the Joint Center for Sickle Cell and Thalassemic Disorders at Harvard, lead, cobalt, strontium, manganese and zinc compete with iron absorption. (They "compete" because they share the same iron intestinal absorption pathways which prevents iron's absorption.)  If you consume supplements with manganese and zinc, then take iron several hours before or after their consumption.

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How do calcium dissolution tests work?

This test applies to calcium carbonate tablets, an inexpensive form of calcium. This do-it-yourself test is inapplicable to our calcium chelates. We assure solubility by conducting disintegration tests during production. Problems may delay production. We consider this a small sacrifice for continuing our legacy of high quality nutritional supplements.

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Do you use bone meal, oyster shell or dolomite as natural sources of calcium?


While bone meal contains absorbable forms of calcium, bone meal also contains high amounts of lead and phosphorous. Notwithstanding the dangers of lead, supplemental phosphorous is unnecessary, since the average American diet contains high amounts of phosphorous.

Oyster shell contains calcium carbonate which contains a highly concentrated amount of calcium. However, oyster shell also contains high amounts of lead.

Dolomite contains calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate. Unfortunately, magnesium carbonate is not a very bioavailable form of magnesium.

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How many ANR Multiple Forty+ capsules should I take each day?

The answer is dependent on your diet, lifestyle (i.e. competitive or active athlete), medical conditions, and other factors. For healthy individuals, the excess water soluble vitamins (B's and C's) are excreted and cause no harm in high dosages. The fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, and E) could be harmful at dosages greater than five capsules daily. The following explains why:

  • Vitamin D toxicity can occur in adults at 4,000 - 10,000 I.U. of daily use - equivalent to 100 Multiple Forty+ capsules or more daily.
  • Vitamin E toxicity occurs in adults at 1,000 I.U. of daily use for 12 months -equivalent to taking 16 Multiple Forty capsules daily.
  • Vitamin A toxicity occurs in adults at 20,000-25,000 I.U. of daily use for 8 to 12 months - equivalent to taking six (6) Multiple Forty+ capsules daily.
  • Multiple Forty+ has mega doses of B vitamins and will energize you. Take at least 1 capsule in the morning. If you are extremely stressed, exercise vigorously, or need extra energy, then take 2 capsules daily - well before bedtime since these may keep you too energetic to rest.

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What do product expiration dates mean?

While products remain safe, vitamins lose their effectiveness over time. On the other hand, minerals have an infinite shelf life and remain safe for continued use. Traditionally, we used the industry standard -  a 3-year shelf date.

Many factors within your control affect your product's life. Light, air, heat and humidity can render your product ineffective. Vitamin products should not be stored in a refrigerator (too cold) or on a refrigerator's top (too hot). A common mistake is to place the vitamin bottle on a windowsill or in opaque pill dispensers (too much light). Products should be stored at room temperature, away from light and kept tightly capped. Air is the biggest culprit to rendering your product ineffective.

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Why does my product have a manufacture date rather than an expiration date?

The US FDA Dietary Supplement Current Good Manufacturing Practices rules require that we have data to support any expiration date we place on a product label. Expiration dates require repeated monthly testing on each lot to prove that product retains its potency. This testing is very expensive.  Since we have not previously tested products periodically after manufacturing, we simply imprint the manufacture date on the bottle for your reference, and we continue to use the standard 3-year shelf date, as mentioned above. 

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What is the difference between the ANR capsules and the TransMins2 Controlled Delivery System tablets?

We chelate minerals in both capsules and tablets. The Controlled Delivery System products are delivered in a fiber tablet. If you suffer from gastrointestinal distress when taking minerals, then you might find these gentler on your system.* Sometimes it is just a matter of personal preference when choosing between capsules and tablets.

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Does magnesium help with PMS symptoms?
Taking magnesium may address your Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) symptoms, but the evidence is not conclusive.  Dalhousie University (Nova Scotia) College of Pharmacy researchers reviewed evidence from numerous randomized controlled trials to determine the efficacy of herbs, vitamins and minerals in reducing severity of PMS symptoms (Canadian Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, Fall 2009). Preliminary evidence shows some benefit from magnesium, but only calcium had good quality evidence to support its use in prevention of PMS symptoms.

Why is the calcium and magnesium combination important?

Magnesium's most important role is as an enzyme cofactor. With magnesium, an enzyme facilitates calcium passing across cell membranes. Without magnesium, the enzyme fails to act, and reduces the cell's uptake of calcium.

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What are the differences between the ANR Cal-Mag 200-200 and the ANR Cal-Mag 500-250 TransMins2 Controlled Delivery System and which one should I take?

We chelate the minerals in both product lines. The primary difference is the quantity of minerals in the Cal-Mag 200-200 capsule or Cal-Mag 500-250 tablet. The tablet has more minerals per dosage than the capsule. The Cal-Mag 500-250 tablet is delivered in a fiber tablet which dissolves slower than the capsule.

If you have difficulty swallowing tablets, then try our easy-to-swallow capsules. If you suffer from gastrointestinal distress when taking minerals, try ANR Cal-Mag 500-250 since they fiber may make the tablet easier to digest.*

If you want to decide whether the 1:1 ratio or the 2:1 ratio is better, then read more in our article "Optimal Calcium and Magnesium Ratio".

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What is the source of your calcium?

Our calcium is derived from mined calcium hydroxide. This form contains the least amount of lead contamination available. Certificates of analysis can confirm that our calcium supplements contain lead far below the U.S.P. standards of 10 parts per million (PPM). (Our assays usually show less than 1 PPM.)  The calcium is then chelated with amino acids to create a highly bioavailable calcium complex, and a supplement which is least likely to cause gastrointestinal distress.*

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Can I treat my canker sore with vitamins or minerals?

While the cause of canker sores is not clear (e.g., a minor injury, acidic foods, stress, etc.), medical experts at the NIH and Mayo Clinic suggest that certain immunity-boosting vitamins (Vitamin B12 and folate) and minerals (zinc and iron) could be the long-term solution.*

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What is the source of your gelatin capsules?

It depends. Although vegetarian capsules are more expensive, we are transitioning from collagen-based to vegetarian-based capsules. (ANR Magnesium 200 is in a vegetarian capsule.)  Collagen can only be obtained from animal tissues.

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What is the difference between Aspartate and Aspartame?

To improve bioavailability, we bind our minerals with a variety of amino acids. We use aspartate, an aspartic acid salt in our amino acid formulation. (The molecular formula for aspartate is C3H5NO4.)

The controversial artificial sweetener is aspartame. Aspartame is synthetic, and comprised of aspartyl, phenylalanine, and methyl ester. (The molecular formula for aspartame is C14H18N2O5.) 

Aspartate and aspartame are not the same.

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Are your products vegan?

No, not all products are vegan. If the product contains Vitamin D, we may use fish oil or lanolin as a source. (We prefer Vitamin D3 because it is more bioavailable than Vitamin D2.) 

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What is your order cancellation and refund policy?

We guarantee customer satisfaction. You may cancel your order at any time, and we provide refunds if you are not satisfied.

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