Trans/Mins 2 Iron 27+

This is our most popular product due to its highly bioavailable format, gradual release formula and safe dosage. We start by using ferrous sulfate. Then we chelate the iron to various amino acids, and add Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C to increase absorption.

To eliminate constipation - a common iron supplement side effect - we deliver iron in a fiber tablet. Fiber is our "Controlled Delivery System". This allows the tablet to dissolve over a longer period, to prevent upset stomach, and to improve absorption.

We only offer products proven necessary for good health. We formulate proprietary blends, and guarantee them to be manufactured of the highest quality.

TransMins 2 Iron 27


90 Tablet Bottle

Iron 27+ is sealed in a child-proof capped bottle.

Order shipped in 24 hours! Free shipping for 2 or more bottles (U.S. orders only).

Spinach and Iron

Latest Research

Iron and Your Performance

One in every 8 women of child-bearing age is anemic. It is more likely that you are, or someone you know is, iron-deficient. Women of reproductive age are among those most vulnerable to iron deficiency. Read more>>

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1 Tablet Amt /Tablet % Daily Value

Iron (elemental)

Vitamin C (from iron ascorbate)

Vitamin B-12

27 mg

120 mg

75 mcg




Other ingredients: Stearic acid, magnesium stearate, hydroxypropyl cellulose

Prune juice contains iron

What is the source of iron?

The iron source for TransMins 2 Iron 27+ is ferrous sulfate. Approximately, 83 mg of ferrous sulfate is reacted with amino acids in each Iron 27+ tablet.

My doctor recommended that I take 325 milligrams (mg) of iron daily. How many tablets of Iron 27+ should I take to get 325 mg?

Your doctor probably meant 325 mg of ferrous sulfate, ferrous fumerate or ferrous gluconate – common iron supplement preparations. Each Iron 27 + tablet has 83 mg of ferrous sulfate, of which 27 mg is elemental iron. To get your doctor’s recommended dosage, you would need to take 4 tablets daily. Since Iron 27+ is more bioavailable than other iron supplements, you do not need to take 325 mg daily. But if you, or your doctor, still thinks that a large dose is critical to overcoming your anemia, take up to four Iron 27+ tablets daily for 1 to 4 weeks, then cut back to only one tablet daily to maintain your optimal levels.Tea competes with iron absorption

What competes with iron absorption?

Drinking tea reduces the amount of iron that is absorbed. If you must, take your Iron 27+ several hours before or after drinking tea to increase its bioavailability.

Can iron cure canker sores?

While the cause of canker sores is not clear (e.g., a minor injury, acidic foods, stress, etc.), medical experts such as the National Institue of Health and Mayo Clinic suggest that certain immunity-boosting vitamins (Vitamin B12 and folate) and minerals (zinc and iron) could be the long-term solution.

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Iron Deficiency and Sleep Disorders

Trouble sleeping? It could be an iron deficiency or even anemia. Research has shown that restless leg syndrome, restless sleep or insomnia among infants, children, teenagers and adults is often related to low iron stores.

Restless leg syndrome is characterized by uncomfortable sensations deep in the legs that compel an individual to move. The symptoms are worst at night and sleep disturbance or even insomnia is common. Restless leg syndrome is estimated to afflict 7 to 11% of the adult population which may explain why research initially focused on the elderly. As early as 1994, a study conducted in an Ireland hospital confirmed that iron deficiency, with or without anemia, contributed to restless leg syndrome in elderly patients. Iron supplements were found to significantly reduce their symptoms.

Man unable to sleep due to restless leg syndromeIt is now estimated that 1.9% of children and 2% of adolescents are afflicted with restless leg syndrome. Early-onset restless leg syndrome (i.e., before age 30) is genetic, whereas late-onset restless leg syndrome has a strong relationship with an individual’s iron status. A 2002 study determined that abnormal iron stores or metabolism may result in restless leg syndrome causing insomnia in teenagers. Read more>>

"I am quite impressed with TransMins Controlled Delivery Iron supplements. Recently, I found I was anemic and within 10 days of taking it, my blood count had gone up 5 points. I still take it and highly recommend it to others."

"I have had several clients who remained anemic for years rather than be constipated by iron supplements. The testimonial as to the effectiveness of your product is that it doesn't constipate as it improves the iron status of the client. This to me is the true measure of bioavailability of your product which is the best I've used to date."

Text quote from Christianne Northrup Wisdom of Menopause "I wanted to let you know that I read about your product in Christiane Northrup's under the section of "heavy bleeding and fibroid tumors". She suggested your product and said that the iron would help the anemia. She also said that simply taking an iron supplement such as yours may even help stop the heavy bleeding. I have been on your product for 2 menstrual cycles (20 days apart) and I think I am on to a miracle!!! Indeed, my menstrual flow is so much lighter - it is unbelievable!!! Normally, I would pretty much have to be confined to work or home during my 2 heavy days because I would bleed through in 45 minutes. Since taking the iron supplement, I feel so much better and my flow is unbelievably different! It is amazing!!! I just wanted to let you know! I hope this type of flow is here to stay! I hope, I hope! But, one thing for sure I will continue to take my Iron 27 each and every day!!!"

An Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) is the average daily dietary intake level sufficient to meet the nutrient requirements of nearly all (97-98 percent) healthy individuals in a group.

Ages Males Females Pregnancy
9-13 years 8 mg 8 mg  
14-18 years 11 mg 15 mg 27 mg
19-30 years 8 mg 18 mg 27 mg
31-50 years 8 mg 18 mg 27 mg
51-70 years 8 mg 8 mg  
>70 years 8 mg 8 mg  

Source: Dietary Reference Intakes: Recommended Dietary Allowances and Adequate Intakes, Food and Nutrition Board, Institute of Medicine, National Academies

Food Sources of Iron

Meat     Grains  
Liver 3 oz 7.5 mg   Fortified oatmeal 1 cup 8 mg
Round steak 3 oz 3 mg   Fortified cereal 1 cup 8 mg
Lean hamburger 3 oz 3 mg   Bagel 1.7 mg
Fruit     Vegetables  
Prune juice 6 oz 7 mg   Cooked Spinach 1/2 cup 2.3 mg
Dried apricots 1/2 cup 2.5 mg   Peas 1/2 cup 1.6 mg
Prunes (5) 2 mg   Asparagus 1/2 cup 1.5 mg

McDonalds hamburgers have only 3 mg of ironBioavailability

A 3 oz hamburger and a cup of asparagus each contains 3 mg of iron. Due to the difference in the bioavailability of iron, 20 times as much iron can be absorbed from the hamburger as from asparagus.


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Symptoms of iron deficiency: poor appetite, sluggishness, reduced resistance to infection, and shortened attention span.

Symptoms of anemia: pale skin, tiredness, weakness, and the heart to beat rapidly in an attempt to provide more oxygen to cells.